Monthly S&P/IUL Gains

Historically it makes a difference in the annual gain based on what month starts your crediting year.  Here is a chart that shows what that has been going back to 1950.

Based on a 14% average cap (for Allianz), at $1,000 month the cash value difference between the worst and best month is:

20 years  -15.05%
40 years  -16.68%
66 years  -37.27%

If you are paying other than Annual, then you are doing cost averaging.  The only exception is Allianz – with them all monthly / quarterly / semi premiums are pro rated from the annual gain based on the Policy Date (for more on that click on the Allianz link in left column):

IUL Monthly Gains


S&P Monthly Gains 1950-2016

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