No Co. Favoritism!

March 2016:  An agent made a comment to me that “a lot of agents think you are in the pocket of xyz co.”.   So let me be clear about this: I am paid NOTHING by any company to say or not say anything about them.  The SAME calculators are used for all the companies to determine what their past performance was and future performance may be.  Their is NO favoritism.  Caps are what they are and the gain for each year is based on that and the actual Index performance (and other factors like bonus, fixed account and segment requirements, etc.). The calculators that crunch all these variables and numbers are quite elaborate and it is fair to say no one else (or co.) could even begin to duplicate them.  The policy costs are the companies – not mine – and are the only thing taken from the co. illustration to calculate performance.  

  As for the Features and Deal Breakers, again, a co. either has something or they don’t: VLR cap, Bonus; pay Bonus on Loans or they don’t; Bonus is guaranteed or it’s not; they have a minimum guaranty or they don’t.  It is all completely Objective.   Sure, I have my favorites – but they are all based entirely on these objective results.  This is why I started doing this analysis in the first place so that I would know who is the best and worst. If a company is no longer the best (and that has changed a couple times since I started doing this), then I want to know that too.   Because I want my clients to have the best IUL there is, and for them to be able to know why it is.  Hopefully you want the same for yours!   It takes a LOT of hours to keep up on all of these IUL’s and I appreciate your membership which allows me to do it!  Because I am paid nothing by any co. to do this and/or to promote them.  And I would not do it any other way!

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