These charts show the hypothetical NET value of the IUL for the 20 year period 1997-2016 based on what would have been credited with the current cap for all years, less actual costs from the co. illustration (see charts for other adjustments if any).  The account value shown is an average of the value for the 4 quarterly years (March-March; June-June; Sept.-Sept. and Dec.-Dec.).  The gains factor used for years 21-40 is an avg. of the annual gains rate years 1-20.

The expenses are for a M50 for minimum insurance with Target approximately $4,900 for an Apples-Apples comparison vs. other companies, and comes from the co. illustration expense report.  The Net 20 year $ Gain for other ages could be 5-10% more or less. 


– No Policy Expense Report

– Not Party to Life Settlement Act

                                          Pt-Pt Cap  

                                          140% PR    

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