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  These charts show the hypothetical NET value of the IUL for the 20 year period 1998-2017.  The expenses are for a M50 for minimum insurance with Target approximately $4,900 for an Apples-Apples comparison vs. other companies.  The Net 20 year $ Gain for other ages could be 5-10% more or less. 

Annexus is an agency that partners directly with co.’s to develop and market financial products.  They teamed up Minnesota Life to create an IUL with NO Cap crediting.  It is available through 17 FMO’s.


There are 3 options for this IUL but work much the same except for the crediting amounts for a couple moving parts.  The crediting is also broken into two parts:  a mandatory fixed account and the index account.

  1. Index Gain = (Cap – Spread) x Interest Multiplier (or Participation Rate)
  2. Fixed Account = Declared Rate Allocation x Declared Rate


1 Year crediting
Index Allocation:  65%
Spread: 1%
IM: 105%

Fixed Allocation: 35%
Declared Rate:  3%

To determine total crediting gain you must figure out both sides.


2 Year crediting
Index Allocation:  85%
Spread: 1%
IM: 110%

Fixed Allocation: 15%
Declared Rate:  3%



5 Year crediting
Index Allocation:  105%
Spread: 1%
IM: 125%

Fixed Allocation: 0%
Declared Rate:  N/A


Be Aware:

Can have only 1 type of loan at a time – Fixed or VLR.  The VL are the same types as on the other Minnesota Products.  If Fixed rate, the loan will begin a 12-month lockout period during which transfers from the fixed account to a balanced indexed account or indexed account will be unavailable.  The “Indexed” Loan available on Eclipse, Omega and Orion is NOT available with the Annexus IUL.

Reference Guide 12/16:              http://kvisit.com/SgIPXAw

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