Sagicor Platinum

  This chart shows the hypothetical NET value of the IUL for the 20 year period 1995-2014.  The expenses are for a M50 for minimum insurance with Target approximately $4,900 for an Apples-Apples comparison vs. other companies.  The Net 20 year $Gain for other ages could be 5-10% more or less.  But the Comparison Illustration Rate is almost always the same for all ages.

  The gain assumption is the current cap for all years, less actual costs from the co. illustration and the average gain (of the 4 quarterly years: March-March; June-June; Sept.-Sept. and Dec.-Dec.).

Negative: No Policy Expense Report; No Comdex Rating

Deal Breakers

– NO Overloan Rider

– Fixed Rate Loan Only


S&P 9%

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